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Monitor on Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan for June 2016

This Monitor on Civil Military Relations in Pakistan covers the period of June 2016 and highlights key issues affecting civil military relationship in Pakistan.............>> Details

Legislators must focus on Representation, Legislation & Oversight: PILDAT Consultative Session

July 01; In a Consultative Session organised by PILDAT on Scorecards on Senators’ Performance, 2015-2016, experts stressed upon Parliamentarians to effectively discharge their responsibilities of representation, legislation and oversight.............>> Details

PILDAT releases Senators' Scorecard for 2015-16


June 27: A systematic assessment of the individual parliamentary performance of the Honourable Senators of Pakistan during the Thirteenth Parliamentary Year of the Senate, that is, March 12, 2015 – March 11, 2016, was carried out by PILDAT. According to the results of this assessment, the overall average performance score of the Senators is 41%............>> Details

PILDAT Performance Analysis of the Provincial Assemblies in 3rd Parliamentary Year (2015-2016):

Sindh Assembly’s performance highest at 68%, Balochistan Assembly gets lowest score at 35%, Punjab and KP Assemblies tied for second place with scores of 66%

  • Sindh and Balochistan Assemblies post highest attendance of members at 34% each followed by KP Assembly at 32% and Punjab at 13%
  • Sindh Assembly introduced most Private Members’ bills at 9, KP and Punjab Assemblies introduced 1 each while Balochistan Assembly introduced none
  • KP Assembly becomes the only Pakistani legislature to transact all business in the House through Computers
  • Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif posts the lowest Assembly attendance at 5%; Balochistan’s CMs Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch post highest combined attendance: 59%
  • In 3 Parliamentary years, Balochistan Assembly failed to elect all Chairpersons of Standing Committees
  • Punjab Assembly passed the highest number of bills at 46, followed by Sindh Assembly at 28, Balochistan Assembly at 23 and KP Assembly at 18
  • The Punjab Assembly met for 193 working hours followed by Sindh Assembly, which met for 182 hours, the KP Assembly for 126 hours and Balochistan Assembly for just 95 hours.

June 20; In a PILDAT assessment on the comparative performance of the four Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan in the third Parliamentary year (2015-2016), the Sindh Assembly has received the highest score at 68%, followed closely by the Punjab and KP Assemblies at Assembly at 66%. Balochistan Assembly got the lowest score of 35%..........>> Details


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